Solar Charging Station
For Parks and Outdoor Facilities.

We are continuously facing challenges staying charged up with our electronics. Whether it be your Android or iPhone, laptop, bluetooth headphones or other smart device, the Solar Charging Station is the ultimate resource for organizations looking to stay ahead of the competition.

It provides a charging hub for people in parks, outdoor gym facilities, recreational settings, business offices and more by using the sun’s natural UV rays and converts that into reusable electricity. The Solar Charging Station requires minimal maintenance, is free for people to use and adds beauty to any setting with its elegant design.

Each charging station includes:

  • 24 hour charging
  • 4 USB outlets
  • 2 Micro USB and 2 Lighting cables
  • Bright LED lights to help illuminate pathways.
  • Durable umbrella for shade
  • Sturdy and long-lasting design

Powercharge Electric

Power charge electric station

Electric with Seats

Power charge electric with seats


Power charge solar station

Solar with Seats

Power charge solar station with seats

Product Dimensions

Product Breakdown

Available Base Materials

Stainless Steel


Platinum Slate


Solar Charging Stations are the ultimate way for schools to utilize grant money, increase campus safety and encourage productivity.


It can be difficult for guests to charge their devices outside of their rooms. Place our Solar Charging Stations around your resort to keep your guests satisfied.


Give your patients and visitors the power they need – at a time when they need it most. Even one charge can make a difference.

Parks/Urban Spaces

Use charging stations to help visitors stay connected to their loved ones and feel safe and secure while on your premises.

Private Clubs/Golf Courses

Be seen as an elite course with charging stations located around your club or course. Your patrons will truly appreciate it.

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