Installation and maintenance

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We manufacture gyms and bodybuilding equipment to install outdoors, parks and public roads in general. They are nationally manufactured and robust to be able to withstand bad treatment and inclement weather, they are made mostly with ferritic 409 quality stainless tube and painted with electrostatic polyester powder paint to withstand solar radiation. All mobile points have armored bearings and are secured in such a way that they cannot be vandalized; special tools are required for disassembly.



The location is defined and with the help of the taut wire the exact points where the base will be built are delimited.

It is manually excavated to a depth of 40 cm, profiling the walls and the base as much as possible. The material produced by the excavation is verified by the resident and / or person in charge of the project to decide the place of confinement.


The 3/8 rods are cut to 95 cm forming a grid of 8 rods, 4 in each direction. The necessary ties in the steel are made with annealed wire. The assembly can also be 66-66 electro-welded mesh. The reinforcement is placed at the bottom of the excavation on the ground. It is placed on concrete shoelaces to allow space for the underlayment.

The place for the preparation of concrete must be on a wooden, metallic, or concrete base.


Shaping and setting
The alignment of the falsework is followed with the help of the tensioned wire. It must be perfectly reinforced to avoid deformation of the base during casting. 4 anchors are inserted into the plate, the plate location is defined to the center of the base with the help of delimiting nails. The orientation of the plate must be specified by the person in charge of the project, depending on the position that the team will have. 1 pot of cement, 2 buckets of water (19 liters), 5 buckets of sand No. 4 and 5 ¾ of gravel No. 2 During casting, the concrete must be vibrated with a rod to make it settle. Concrete F’c 150 kg./cm2 is used with the criterion in proportion to a bulk. (The proportion of concrete 150 indicated is based on 1 package of cement and not a concrete platform) The thickness of the pavement must be uniform, let it set until the consistency is thicker and then proceed with the location of the template of steel.

Once the concrete is set and with greater hardness, the plate is removed taking care not to move the anchors. It can be done with the help of the chisel. Finally, the installations are fixed to the concrete base with 5/8 nuts and the equipment will be ready for use.


At HM Outdoor Gym we make our equipment with materials of the highest quality but for greater durability it is important to give a conservation education, in this way the equipment is kept in better condition and can last much longer for future generations.

In order to avoid accidents in our parks it is important to establish a proper review of outdoor gyms. Always taking into account the instructions of the game manufacturer to keep them in good condition and keep them for a longer time. Maintenance is vital that it can be carried out without delay since the good safety of them will also depend on it. Below we will introduce you to the types of maintenance you can perform on HM Outdoor Gym equipment.

Periodic or routine maintenance
It refers to preventive actions to reduce the risk of accidents, preserving the safety level of the equipment. This procedure should take into consideration local conditions that may influence maintenance.

In the same way, they must include a list of the elements whose maintenance is necessary and what is necessary to compose it. Some of the things the list may include are: parts or bolt adjustment, paint renewal, lubrication, grips, plugs, labels, etc.

Corrective maintenance
This type of maintenance should include the measures to be taken to correct defects or to restore the level of safety. So that in this way the playground and equipment can be used again in optimal conditions.

Some of these measures can be: replacement of joining parts, welding work, replacement of defective parts, etc.